"Are You Ready To Welcome Your Godly SPOUSE Into Your Life In 2010?"

The Next 100 Days Will Change Your
Life So Much That You'll Have To
Pinch Yourself To Believe It's Real!"

Dear Subscriber,

I've got a fair idea about what brought you to this page today.

I know that, like many, many thousands of people around the world you've been searching for that one person ... bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh ...  that you can share your life with. 

That one special person that will help you answer the question you've been asking yourself for most of your life.

The question that is first on your mind when you wake up and last on your mind before you go to sleep at night.

When Will I Be Happily Married?


Now, you may not ask the question in those exact words, in fact, you probably ask things like:

"Why can't I meet the right person for me?"

"Why am I always being dumped for others less worthy?"

"Why am I always ending a promising relationship in a fit of anger?"

"Why has my life become so boring?"

"Is this all there is?"

Regardless of how you actually phrase it, you're basically asking:

  "When will I be happily married?"

 "Brand New Prayers To Release Your Godly Spouse In 2010"


"After years of frustration, disappointment, and rejection in relationships, holy spirit led me to your site and am blessed. I prayed the singles prayer points you sent to me, I just got married two weeks ago to a God fearing man.
I dedicated my marriage to God. Glory be God."

-- Patricia, Sweden



"I thank God the father, Son and Holy Spirit for having connected me to you. Through a friend I got to your website and life never remained the same. After downloading the first prayer bullets you give to the beginners, I practiced the midnight hour prayer, did the Esther fast, God blessed me with a husband -a pastor in the church where I fellowship.

It was those targeted prayer points I used and commanded the devil to loose my divine husband, little did I know that I will get married to a servant of God. The Holy Spirit surprised me. Its now eight months of joy in a holy marriage..."

-- Doreen, Uganda

Unfortunately it is NOT everyone who participates in our prayer programs that obtain this kind of results.

I am now beginning to see that many people who join our Singles Programs do not have the much - needed training to enter into their divine breakthroughs.

Psalm 144 verse 1 says:

"Blessed be the LORD who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight."


In case you did not know this ...

Praying for your godly spouse will pitch you directly against the devil and his vicious agents operating from the waters (i.e. the marine kingdom).

It is nothing short of advanced spiritual warfare.

For instance, the devil is an expert at planting "tares" in the lives of believers in order to prevent them from ever getting married.

Here's a very recent example sent to my inbox just 2 days ago (Feb 23, 2010):


"Its true God is at work even in my life, I told you 2 weeks ago that I vomited 3 charms were inserted in my stomach so that I should not get married nor bear children. This happened after having the Prayer Marathon and 2010 declaration on 1st Jan, 2010. I vomited these things on Sunday morning the 24th January, 2010  at exactly 07:20am"

- Sister F,  Botswana


See what I mean?

Many people you see may never get married until they learn HOW to pray and eject satanic plantations from their bodies.

This is a BIG secret in the spiritual realm ... and those who are not aware of it might find their dream of getting married this year slipping out of their fingers ... again.

God forbid.

And in order not to become a casualty in the battlefield, you need to undergo a period of intensive training.

It is no use asking me to send you prayer points on this issue, if your hands have not been sufficiently trained to handle the prayers aright.

So, there is a period of training that is required before anyone can successfully pray for a release of their godly spouse from the satanic warehouse.

And the place we train our prayer eagles is called the Prayer Academy.

The program lasts for 12 full weeks. Please note that this program is not for the faint of heart. If you do decide to join us:

You will have to fast.

You will have to pray according to instructions.

You will even have to do Bible study and submit assignments.

And you will have to sign up.


So I've Made This Decision...


No one who has NOT passed through the Prayer Academy in the last 9 months will be allowed to participate in the NEXT Singles Marathon coming up shortly...

If you are even remotely interested (and you'd like to prepare yourself), here's the link to join the next Prayer Academy:





Be An Overcomer!  



P.S- Before you can join our NEXT Prayer Marathon for Singles coming up shortly, you need to sign up  for the preparatory Prayer Academy here ...



PPS: If you are in the current Prayer Academy, you will be qualified to join the program when it kicks off. Details will be sent to your mail box.

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