If you're a Christian single over 35 struggling to overcome REJECTION, find your godly spouse and finally settle down, please know this: Your lack of success is NOT because you are not praying ...

... or because you're not getting hands laid on your head and ...

... prophesied over by “anointed” ministers and prophets...

... or because you're not spending enough time online at dating sites, whether Christian or secular.

No. The marital breakthrough you crave is being held up in the spirit realm because of something much more simple... and much easier to solve.

IF you're willing to listen.

So here is Big Question #1: Do you want to waste more years (and your hard-earned money) chasing after people to pray or prophesy over you, hoping for a miracle?

Or are you finally ready to learn the first simple step to overcoming rejection, and claiming your godly spouse, even if you’ve already been dumped, rejected and forsaken?

If your answer is Yes, then let's get started on the road that will change your life forever...

Included in the upcoming program are ...

  • Prayers to "spot" a counterfeit in the dream days or weeks before he / she shows up in real life.

  • How to know when your relationship is in danger (plus prayers to survive the current onslaught on Christian relationships).

  • Prayers to make your spouse-to-be "invisible" to the roving eyes of satanic agents / competitors.

  • The one dream that shows you may be under a generational curse of marital delay / destruction (MORE on the sequence of prayers to break it).



From: Elisha Goodman                                                                                         
Calvary greetings … 

We'll begin this session with this prayer:

O LORD deliver me from what seems right to me
but is not acceptable to you in Jesus name.


Christian singles (even those well past their prime) are still getting married today, against all odds… in spite of plentiful supply of younger, slimmer and even better-looking competition.

After wasting years running from pillar to post, they finally realized that they could easily overcome past rejection…

Because ...

They finally found a biblical way to cancel the recurring setback of being dumped for younger competitors… over and over again.

Here’s the discovery: There is a godly spouse, custom-made and waiting for you. Right now he or she may be hiding in plain sight.


Why Is This Happening?   

"Why  have I prayed for marriage for 9 years but there is no breakthrough up to now yet I am growing old? How else can I pray to receive my godly husband before end of this year?" - RRT


When you find a way to PRAY and release that godly spouse to locate you, and recognize that you’re the one, then begins the journey that will eventually lead to the wedding altar and beyond.

The kind of prayer I’m speaking about comes with great side benefits.

And unintended consequences too.

For instance there are --

  • The 19 'suicidal' prayer bullets that make those assigned to delay, steal or destroy your marital destiny to avoid you like the plague (we call them suicidal because they incite your enemies to turn on each other and fight to their death).

  • The 10 strongest prayers for marriage. You never heard of them. The 10 weakest prayers. You have heard of them.

  • The 3 most common prayer mistakes that Christian singles are making - and how NOT to make them.

  • The key to breaking out of the single life may be right here (Lesson 3). If most of your siblings or family members never married or have horrible marriages, you need to pay close attention when we get to that lesson.

Why midnight prayer should be the major
jet fuel in your engine... if you want to marry soon


Once you begin to pray like I’m going to show you shortly, your eyes will be opened (in the spirit) to "see" those counterfeits and time wasters that the devil sometimes sends to people in order to confuse them and divert their marital destiny.

[Note: Getting married to the wrong or counterfeit spouse is one of the biggest problems facing newly-married or soon-to-be-married couples today].

That will not be your portion… the moment you realize that there are specific prayers that can help you locate and possess your God-ordained marriage partner, sometimes in as little as 6 months.

It really can be that simple.

·        The prayers are not hiding (you find them in scripture).


Does your prospective suitor just evaporate into thin air? If you have this problem, you need to take the Starter Prayers immediately


 Now praying your way into breakthroughs (of any kind) is not a secret anymore.

(There are many websites and ministries giving away entire books, audiotapes and CDs for free)...

·         ... And once you realize the need to pray seriously for your godly spouse, finding hundreds of prayers (and ministries that will happily accept your prayer requests) is flat-out easy: Just do a Google search!

So why isn’t every (prayerful) Christian single married?

Here’s why: When it comes to prayer, where most believers get stuck …

                              … is in knowing what (and what NOT) to pray.

 Especially in the area of marriage and relationships, knowing what NOT to pray is as valuable as knowing what to pray.

There is something the Bible calls “praying amiss.” – James 4:3.

Meaning praying off-target, with the wrong motives, and even the wrong prayers.

Let’s get something straight:

The Bible says:

“He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour of the Lord…”
 (Proverbs 18: 22)

So it is scriptural to get married.

And praying on target will get you there faster than anything you can ever imagine...

         ... assuming you know what kind of prayers to pray.

In the manual of the prayer eagles, this has to be the #1 (and mostly ignored) rule …


Prayer Eagles’ Rule #1:
Get a Prayer Plan that works

There are prayers and there are prayers. Some work. Some don’t. Recently I just googled the word 'prayer' and 330 million results came up in 0.37 seconds.

330,000,000 web pages talking about prayer!


With so much information online, finding the prayer that might work for you, in your peculiar situation, can quickly seem like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

There are entire websites with thousands of prayer points (not to mention books) that you can use.

Only problem is: You cannot tell whether they work at all.

OR whether they will work in your situation… for you.

Many years ago, when the LORD began to teach me the mystery of prayer that works, He made sure that I’ll remember to follow this golden rule:

Never give to others what you
have not tried yourself!

Do you realize what that means?

Let me spell it out for you –

I have personally used MOST of the prayers we send out daily. I have walked in your shoes, to say the least. I too had to pray in order to get married, among other things.

And I kept notes.

The prayers I teach today have been baked into my spirit… right from the time I was in the furnace of affliction. You should see the mistakes I used to make... and the wrong prayers I used to pray!

But over the years the Holy Spirit has taught me what prayer is suitable for which situation.

That’s why you see so many testimonies on our websites about specific prayers the LORD has used to move mountains and crush the goliaths that had been boasting against the marital destiny of His people.

Praise the LORD.

The problem many believers who are looking to get married face today can be summed up in just two words:





Thousands of emails land in my inbox each month.

Often with heartbreaking stories like this:


3 Times Rejected!

Dear Elisha, 

I have been rejected 3x by men who gave me the hope that they will marry me but the end was rejection.

The first man traveled to USA and never bothered to pick up my calls again. He is there with a white lady.

The second man also without any reason introduced me to another lady that am his secretary and that I only help him when he needs something to be type or done for him.

I did not question him because the lady was with us at a church programme but when I confronted him later he said that is his new girl he is going to marry and that was the end of the relationship.

The third man, whom I thought was restoring the happiness back, broke up sadly with me on my sick bed simply because he wanted to introduce me to his cousin and I was sick and couldn't be there that day. He refuse to even listen or visit me and said it was over.

God willing I was able to overcome the pain. Two years ago a guy in my sister's church who has been my friend for many years came to visit me and whispered in my ears he wanted to marry me. Things were not easy for me to accept due to the previous experiences. 

I had said to him to let me pray over it for sometime. I later accepted him and last year November we planned to get married but the unfortunate happened again.

We discussed our plans with both families and then with our pastor. From that day I cannot even explain what really is the problem whether is it from the pastor or our families. It is only God who can explain to us.

Everything has been disorganized again and now when I even talk about marriage what my man tells me is he does not have money to do it. I am really confused and don't know what to do. Pls help me as am not growing younger.  

-   - Name withheld to protect identity


Now her problem here is NOT as complex as it seems on the surface.

This one is relatively easy to solve.

Actually it took less than a minute to uncover the root of her problems. What she is seeing are just symptoms … of a deeply-rooted spiritual problem (Hint: this type of problem never goes away on its own).

Here's another:


"I'm Emotionally Hurt"

"Today I feel the Lord is not hearing me. My boyfriend recently decided to go on a break and since this has been eating me up.

I’ve been trying to be patient and wait when his break is ending but now I feel I should give up. The problem is I dont know how.

I am emotionally hurt even though I pray at midnight every night for God to consume the pain. During the day I cant concentrate on my work. I pray daily that God will make me forget about what is happening.

- Name Withheld


But I also receive another kind of email. Lots of them.

About amazing victories and breakthroughs.

Like this one - posted on the blog in response to a sister's desperate cry for help.

She writes:


Married In 4 Months

Dear Sister L,

Do not be discouraged. Continue praying to destroy all the evil foundation in your background.

I was there and I prayed for my divine spouse and God heard my prayers. He will do for you too.  I got married in 2012 December after joining singles in April 2012.

 In August i met my divine husband and he proposed to marry me. I was so afraid for I did not know the person. I went on with my prayers and I thanked the Lord. Our courtship was very short because in August 2012 I met him and in December 22, 2012 was our church wedding (4 months).

We are now happily married and God has blessed us with a baby girl who has now turned one year. What a blessing.

God will give you your divine spouse. Let's pray and trust Him as we give Him thanks for your divine husband.

- Hellen


If you remember the case study of that sister who got married a while ago…

… where I revealed the exact conversations we had … the back and forth emails … PLUS the prayers we recommended for her while she was in our prayer coaching program.

She came from a family where nobody gets married (or stays married).

But as her last email showed, she eventually got married within 6 months (while in our singles prayer coaching program)… after she had struggled with 20 years of rejection, shame and discouragement.

PROOF that the Lord still answers this type of prayers… when done right.

TODAY, no one can afford to make any mistake in choosing their life partner.

If that is the case, then you’re ready for:

Question #2:
Can you really learn how to do this,
quickly and easily?


I mean, can you learn to pray for yourself and expect God to answer you...

   ... like Hellen ... and all the others on the wall of testimonies here?

The simple answer: Yes, you can.

Take a glance at the wall of testimonies to the right… from believers just like you (as well as people in every kind of dire situation imaginable).

Prayer coaching offered on this website has helped them overcome the most stubborn… hard to crack… generational… and horrible barriers to marriage you’ve ever seen…

… and, through this step-by-step weekly prayer program…

… swept away ancient walls blocking their marriage… and transformed them into prayer eagles finally able to pray their way to every other conceivable breakthrough, whether in their finances, health or marriage.


Let me ask you a rather blunt question:
Are you teachable?

You may require some level of spiritual education, especially in the area of midnight prayer.

You may even have to un-learn some things they taught you about relationships (for instance, the 3 fairy tales you hear from marriage counsellors over and over again).

Are you humble enough to follow a few simple (biblical) instructions from someone you’ll probably never meet in real life?

Did you know there is a prayer for every conceivable situation you’ll ever face (including the issue of your godly spouse?)

Did you know that there is something about prayer that the most powerful prophets and ministers of the gospel wish you knew about…

… but will never, ever tell you to your face!

Now you can find out.

Especially in the area of your marital destiny.

The upcoming program offers you a way to do this.


Let's Recap:
How Did Sister X (Case Study #2)
Move From Single to Married in 6 Months?


In her own words:

"I took part in the February 2014 Prayer Academy, Singles program, and the 11-day program..."

What she is saying is that she started with the Prayer Academy. Then she followed up with the prayers in the singles program (i.e. the Spousewell program). Finally she participated in a special program in the confidential members site - the 24-Hour Blog.

When you read her breakthrough testimony, you will realize that the combination of all 3 programs helped to push her across the finish line in 6 months flat.

Not just one program... but a combination of 3 different prayer sequences.

Praise the LORD.

Testimony after testimony we have seen recently all follow this same pattern.

So the upcoming program is a package of these 3 prayer sequences, distilled into a 17-week program with a lot of extra bonuses such as:

  • Temporary access to our 24-Hour Blog Forum (so you can join the next 11-day prayer to push you across the finish line - like it did for Sister X)

  • A 6-month PREMIUM membership to our Spousewell site, should you choose to be on that site.

What is Spousewell
  and how does it work?

A few months ago we set up this semi-social-network-like site for Christian singles who are really interested in harnessing the power of prayer to find their godly spouse. And eventually getting married.

They want to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeits that will just make matters worse.

They want to break the backbone of marital delay so they can meet their God-ordained partner sooner, rather than later.

Note: The site is NOT for people who are already married (i.e. those thinking of running away from their spouses in order to look for greener pastures).

The prayers are divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1
            The first phase is a 21-day prayer. This phase is open to all who sign up either for a FREE or PREMIUM membership on the site.

Phases 2 & 3
           Weekly prayer begins. Once a PREMIUM member finds an interested partner, or receives/gives a marriage proposal, we move the two into a secure, confidential webpage where you are given specific prayers to help you determine whether the person is really God's will for your life.

This is a most crucial step on the journey to your marital destiny.

For the first time, we share the prayers/scriptures that I personally used when I wanted to get married (in Phase 3 of the program).

This sort of prayers MUST be used only under close supervision, and so our Prayer Advisors are on hand to give guidance through that delicate period. Within those 3 days we explain the meaning of what you see in your dreams.

And what to do about all kinds of dream attacks (yes, you will be attacked but you will have the weapons to counter them).

It is because I could not do this to a whole lot of people that this was restricted to ONLY those who have made it to Phase 3 - the confidential partners' page.

This the nugget of the coaching program on this site … a major highlight of the Singles-Only site.


We found that some people were not comfortable joining the Spousewell site. Because they do not want their photograph and other personal information on any website at all. We understand. That is why we make it optional.

But the next one is NOT optional...

Temporary Access to the 24-Hour Blog
is a Major Bonus

During the coaching sessions with Sister X, it dawned on me that she needed what we call "last-mile" prayers ... i.e. crushing prayers to push you across the finish line, after going through the prayer sequences of the weekly lessons.

There is only one place where we archive those kind of prayers. It is in a password-protected area of our website called the 24-Hour Blog.

This one-of-a-kind blog is like our Command Center for advanced prayers. There are thousands of prayer eagles there... and super-advanced prayer sessions go on there from time to time (one is coming up shortly as I write this).

A recent program entitled, "Blood Moon Prayers" was so on target that testimonies started flowing from day 1.

Usually the programs inside the 24-Hour Blog are not accessible to the general public.

But we're about to make a one-time exception ...

When you sign up for this program, you will be granted temporary access to a section of the site so you can join a very special program (which you will not ordinarily be eligible to participate in).

Taken together, this combination of prayers is designed to help you take back your marital destiny as quickly as possible, usually within 6 months ...

...if you are willing to follow the simple step-by-step instructions just like Sister X in Case Study #2.


What Does This All Mean For You?


Once you sign up to the program, all you need to do is fill out a simple form with your email address and first name … and we’ll do the rest.

First we’ll send you 4 of our foundation prayer manuals, to get you immersed in biblical principles that form the bedrock of all our prayers. (You will be required to re-read them, even if you have already read them in the past).

After that, every week for 16 weeks you will receive 1 lesson per week. The lesson manual will explain in great detail the prayers you are about to pray for the week, why you are praying them, and (this is crucial) how to pray them effectively for fastest possible results.

Three weeks into the program, you will receive your access code to access the 24-Hour Blog (plus a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the daily forum discussions).


Here is what you need to do now:


   There is a cost to all this...

... something you should see as an investment -- of eternal value -- in your spiritual life.

 We have the e-manuals and the Starter Prayer bullets ready for immediate access (usually within 24 hours after your order is placed).

 To get yours, simply click on the blue link below to order: 

How much?

It’s very reasonable.

Especially considering the 1000 targeted prayers, personal one-on-one email coaching, special access to the Spousewell site as a PREMIUM member, plus temporary access to the 24-Hour Blog for last-mile prayers.

If you were to join all those programs separately, here's what it would cost you:

                   1. Prayer Academy                                   --  $107

                   2. Spousewell (6-months subscription)   --   $59

                       Total cost                                              -- $166


 But that is NOT your price today

  [Note: The 24-Hour Blog is only accessible to those who successfully complete the Prayer Academy AND submit their assignments. There is NO other way to get in ... no payment accepted].

        When you order TODAY...            

       Your investment for the entire program, with access to e-manuals, lessons, Spousewell, 24-Hour Blog, email coaching advice, customized prayers, etc. is just …


$109 for the entire program
(a 35 percent discount)

Click Here to Get Started


            A new subscriber asked:


Why Do You Have to Pay to Join?


My answer:

We would like to be able to make all the materials available for free, just like we posted the 7-day prayers freely for everyone last week.


        We are NOT a non-profit organization. We are NOT a church. All our daily operations are funded 100 percent from the sale of our books on our websites.

       Unlike other ministries both online and offline, we do NOT solicit for donations, gifts, tithes or offerings.

       The very few people who send us tithes and offerings do so AFTER the Holy Spirit convicts them in their heart to do it (and they get mightily blessed should they choose to obey).

       So it is a matter between them and the LORD.

       We made a decision from the very beginning to invest in current technology platforms that would enable us to reach out to as many people as possible with the message the Lord has given us to share ...

       ... without becoming a burden, or putting pressure on anyone to send donations.

       Should we ever stop selling these books/manuals (God forbid) we may just have to shut down all our websites and look for other avenues to share the message.

       Recently we upgraded our systems and moved the programs to a new, faster system for easier access.

       This system is billed as one of the best … easy-to-use, with fast and friendly user experience, plus great support.

       But there is only ONE problem.

       Each time we send out an email broadcast we have to pay a certain fee (in US dollars), based on the volume of our emails.

       During this program, we’ll be sending quite a number of daily emails to each subscriber. The charges add up very quickly when you include things like 24/7 telephone support and all the rest.

       And since we do not depend on gifts and offerings to operate, we have no option but to charge a reasonable fee to help defray the cost of running off this new platform.

Obviously Many of Our Subscribers Agree...

 For instance, Mike O sent this email while I was putting finishing touches to this page:


"I Am Not Going To Miss Out”   

I was introduced to this website through the end of year prayer program of 2010 by a sister.

Many pleasant things happened in my life. I desired same experience for a sister so I introduced her to Prayer Academy and paid for the kit.

Note: I knew she could afford the kit but my gesture was meant to encourage her and to emphasise my trust in the prayer coach Elisha (undoubtedly ordained by the Lord Jesus).

I suspect that among many other obstacles the devil may have deployed against her, getting the material for free was a major part of the reasons why she could not complete the prayer academy.

I urge all prospective candidates to have the attitude of the proverbial man who saw gold in a piece of land and for the joy of it went to sell all he had to purchase the land and became the bona fide owner of all the gold of the land.

He that has an eye to see let him see the gold hidden in the prayer toolkit here.

- Mike O, Ghana  

         I agree wholeheartedly with Brother Mike's opinion right here.

       Here's how I look at it (your perspective might be different and that's OK) --

       If you consider the well-being of your spiritual life more important than all those fancy dresses, shoes and latest smartphones / iPads that most people spend their money on these days….

… the ball is in your court now.

         It’s up to you to make the decision to come aboard, and see for yourself what answers await your prayers in the weeks ahead…

       … or to walk away, giving in to the nonsensical belief that you can’t do this.

      Of course you can do this.

       The proof is all over this site. Others did it, often with less resources, more obstacles, and in a worse financial situation than you are today.

 What you are about to finally discover is the foundation 
of every shocking marital breakthrough on this site.


Click Here to Get Started


 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Be An Overcomer


 P.S. One last thing — I almost forgot.

 Do you want to move from single to married ... in 6 months, 1 year, or forever?

 You decide.

 But you must hurry.

 This is time-sensitive stuff, for believers who are serious about fulfilling their marital
destiny without further delay.

 This should not be a hard decision to make — you have an opportunity here.

 Order now, while you’re thinking about it.

 And your first bold step of faith toward that glorious wedding day can begin right away.


Click Here to Get Started

P.P.S. This is a limited-time offer. It will NOT be repeated this year. ACT NOW.

Many believers who “stumble” on our websites have already spent
          at least a decade on that long winding road leading to nowhere …

… all in a frantic effort to find their godly spouse and finally settle down.

If you have read this far, know that you are not here by accident.

The LORD brought you here to change your story. And change it fast.

This is how you begin the long-awaited walk to your wedding altar. You could be
          just a few prayer bullets away from your glorious wedding.

Please don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Click Here to Get Started

Copyright ã 2005 - 2014 - Elisha Goodman -  All Rights Reserved



With this new prayer sequence, finding your godly spouse has never been easier -- and faster...

God Has Done It
For Me

The God of Elisha Goodman, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has done it for me. I joined the Prayer Academy on Dec 04 2013; went through all the lessons including storming the gates of 2014. I never had any testimony to tell but was convinced that this year was my year to Take Back!!

Nothing is impossible before him. I collected my car yesterday, brand new at 42km at the dot. My pipeline of blessings is now open. My fiancé proposed and as I speak right now, at 50 years of age, I am preparing for my wedding scheduled to take place on May 25th, 2014.

-       Sister JJP



Finally Married –
After 27 Years!

“I got married to a man of God also using prayer materials for singles. The same man of God paid lobola for me and went to settle in marriage with another woman for 27 years. From the beginning they were not at all happy up till the time they separated. We are now husband and wife as of the 10th January 2013. I need to thank the Lord for sending us someone like Elisha Goodman.”

- Mashigo, South Africa


"I didn't have to go around looking for a man"

“I had a chance of receiving the bullet point from    your website when a friend of mine directed me to Google. 

      I did so indeed I found amazing secrets that I did not know since I have accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour and Lord up to date.

     To summarize everything, my Father answered my prayers through the ‘19 prayer points to release God - ordained partner from evil spiritual cage’.

     I am presently engaged to a God-fearing, handsome man and we are getting married in October this year.

Through your website I was transformed
...  I said my ordained husband will locate me and he did.

     It was a turnaround strategy for me not to go around looking for a man.

 God escorted him to me. Thank God for your website. May God richly lift you up and    bless you further. Thanks.”

-      --   Lisebo M,  South Africa


"We met only 3 months ago and now we're married!"

“I got your email and started using the prayers to get married and thanks be to God I am married now. I started using the prayers about a year and a half ago. Me and my husband met about three months ago and now we are married. Thank God …”

-- Sis. San, USA


"My wedding was glorious"

  “I joined your site in July 2011 but never became serious with it until October and upon applying your teachings/guidance I received my breakthrough in November.

  I was praying about a divine partner since all men that I was meeting were
 actually wrong coz either they were married or not born again or just not

  Upon applying your teachings by praying at the midnight hour coupled with Esther fasting am happy to say that this changed me in a more positive way coz I now looked younger than my age of 31.

  I later decided to give a prophetic offering labelled "Thanksgiving for prophetic marriage".  This was on 13th November 2011 and that very day I met a brother who is now my husband.

  He was teasing me later saying he was wondering who is this lady in church who was praying like a wounded lion and this made him admire me and that was after he had prayed for 40 nights vigil for a life partner.

  We got married on 13th April 2012 exactly 6 months after our meeting. My
 wedding was very glorious.  I had written to you in the same November
 since I thought it was taking long for God to answer me not knowing I was at  the edge of my breakthroughs.”

  Praise the Lord.
 - Sis. HF, Kenya


"At 47 years of age, God did the unexpected for me!"

"My sister told me of this website and about you but I was very very reluctant to join but she kept pressurising me. Well I decided to go to your website and when I read the testimonies, I decided to buy your books and I joined the August prayer academy. To cut the story short, God did the unexpected for me.

I am a 47-year-old that has been praying to have a settled home with my own husband.  I have known this man for 3yrs and he was not willing to settle down but I kept saying God’s Will in my life will surely come to pass.

After the Prayer Academy, He suddenly came to say I should get ready for marriage. We got wedded on December 18th and also God miraculously provided the money for the wedding. To God be the glory."

-- Sis. Esthy, U.K.


"My Tears Have Been Turned to Joy!"

“Dear Elisha,

I give all the glory and honour to God . Remember me when l wrote to u and told you how l needed a partner in my life and a God fearing one and l was a single mum in a new country. No job, tears were my food day and night.

Then surprisingly my uncle in Uganda sent me your website and at first l didn’t understand what it was all about though I’ve been a believer. So l called him and he explained and l started reading your mails and praying because l don’t have a job as of yet but God is so amazing.

l met this brother from the church where we go to and we dated for a year and guess what? We got married on 2nd October 2011. I always recited this bullet prayer  that says BLOOD OF THE LAMB WIPE OFF ALL HANDWRITING OF HATRED AND REJECTION FROM  MY LIFE AND MY TESTIMONIES WILL SURPRISE MY FRIENDS AND SHOCK MY ENEMIES, God has been so good to me my tears have been turned into joy. To God be the glory!

- Sis. Justine, Sweden



"God Has Settled My Case Too!"

At last, God has settled my case too. I joined the prayer Academy early last year, asking God to change my situation of “promise and fail” in marriage issues and to disgrace the doctors report that I can’t have a child except through assisted pregnancy due to one closed tube.

But to God be the glory today the story is different, because I just wedded July *last month* and I am  pregnant with my first baby at 39 years old without any medical assistance. I aam so glad we have an awesome God who hears and answers prayers! PRAISE THE LORD.”

-- Sister Delia, Italy


"Our Wedding Just Happened!"

“Dear Elisha,
Praise the Lord, a friend sent me reports from your site. I thank God that when I started with your prayers, I had been praying for a spouse for many years and people were talking behind my back including my family that I was overdue and desperate.

Actually, I cried out to God in despair feeling so lost and alone but after I came across your site and decided to try it out, I harvested result immediately. I went into 2 Esther fasts on top of the normal fast, and at the 3rd Esther fast, I met my husband, a God fearing man just as I had been praying for.

My husband had also been praying for a spouse. I praise the good Lord for the wonderful revelations. We just had our wedding. May God continue to shine His favour on you as you direct other lost people out there.”
- Henrietta


 "Married - After 2 Months of Prayers!"

“Dear Elisha,
 friend introduced me to this website early 2010, which you send daily prayers and testimonies to my mail. We have being praying believing God for my niece to meet her life partner for over 4 years.

I used the prophetic prayer axe for only 2 months and the lord sent her ministering angel to bring her life partner to her last December and they married last month May 2011. Glory be to God and may God continue to use you in our generation.

- Shallum


   "Husband At 42 !"

“Dear Elisha,
I praise the Lord for your service. I printed some prayer points from your website and sent them to my friend with whom we had praying together since 2003 for a husband. After applying those prayers, The Lord gave her a husband at the age of 42 last year. To God be the glory. We are now seeking prayers for a baby. This site has been a blessing to many. God bless you a billion times.”

Kunywana Robina, Uganda.


   "Husband Without Struggle"

"I bless the name of the Lord who wiped away all my tears and has restored happiness and laughter in my life.

Though I am a member of ministry that pray targeted prayers like the ones on your site, I also join in the closing out of the year and starting a new year programme you send freely for the past three years now ...

...and God has opened several doors that were locked by the enemies to me the first one being that I got a job with an oil servicing company.

The second - another job with International company where I receive my salary in dollars here in Nigeria.

The third testimony being my wedding to my divine husband on the 20th of March 2011. In fact I call it divine connection where you don’t struggle and God just gives you a husband.

Praise the Lord. I just want to encourage others to keep praying at midnight hour and expect God to do exceedingly abundantly above all you ever ask or imagine."

- Constance, Nigeria